Shipton’s Flat

Just south of Cooktown; near Mt Finnigan and not far from Cedar Bay. A patch of rich basalt soil with very biodiverse flora/fauna. A mosaic of Tropical Rainforest and wet sclerophyll. A mecca for naturalists, especially birdos.

The soil and climate are so fecund that new leaves on some rainforest trees and shrubs have a glistening ruby-burgundy hue.

We did two trips to Shipton’s Flat, 17 years apart.

First time it was Lyn and me, to make our film about tropical rainforest. (about which there will be more, here, some day)

Second time was a revisit with our small kids.

Both trips yielded lots of paintings.

Herewith a selection from the last trip.

Black Butcherbird 2 fixed

Black Butcherbird

A raucous bird that can always be seen and heard around Parrot Creek, which winds around Shiptons Flat. I love the deep olives and indigos in the water of Parrot Creek. They make me gasp.

Pied Flycatcher fixed

Pied Monarch

A small flycatcher with an erect-able ruff

Boatbills fixed


Another flycatcher. This one with black, white and yellow plumage, and a delicious twittery trill.

SF moment fixed

Shipton’s Flat Moment

Jubilee ck reach fixed

Jubilee Creek Reach

Hey, these are all pretty, um,  realistic!

I think I believed back then,(the early’90s) that all I needed to do was paint it as best I could, just as it was, and um, hope it would reach out and perform magic?

Little Forks Birdwing

Little Forks Birdwing

Finnigan Cloud Forest 2 fixed

Finnigan Cloud Forest 2

Mt Finnigan sticks up out of the lowland rainforest and has cloud forest at its peak, complete with its almost permanent cloud, misting and dripping on the moss covered granite boulders, little palms, epiphytes, wind-clipped bonsai-like trees.

Finnigan blows

Finnigan Blows

Topknots perch fixed

Topknots Perch

One of those “I saw this!” paintings. A flock of topknot pigeons diving from way up on Finnigan and swooping in to perch with an alarming “Whoooosh”

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  1. juliet schlunke | Reply

    These are really brilliant paintings!

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